Ciao Ciao SVG Font


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A purchase includes:

- CIAO CIAO SVG Regular (uppercase & lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation and ligatures) - this is the OpenSVG version of the font. All the letters are basically bitmap images (instead of vectors) - each letter has been painted a dozen of times.

- CIAO CIAO SVG Alt (same as the above, but alternate letters)

- CIAO CIAO Solid Regular + Alt - basically the same as above, but a vectorised, normal version for people who are not able to use the SVG version but still want to use the font. Remember that this version doesn't have the paint look or transparency.

- PDF Guide with tutorials on how to use the font and how to change colors in Photoshop & Illustrator

- Multilingual support for the non-SVG version - I excluded support for other languages for the SVG version due to size reduction...


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