Realistic Watercolor Brushes


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So excited about this new Procreate brush pack - including a total of 24 multicolour watercolor brushes. I've been working on these for quite a while and I finally feel like I created something that comes very close to real watercolor textures :)


Compatibility: These brushes will ONLY work with Procreate 5 iPad Pro (if you still have a different version, please upgrade to be able to use the multicolour brushes) They will NOT work in Photoshop or any other application.

What you get:

  • 12 pressure-sensitive multicolour watercolor paint brushes for Procreate coming in a .brushset file

  • 12 pressure-sensitive multicolour watercolor lettering brushes for Procreate coming in a .brushset file

To use these brushes, you will need:

The iPad app Procreate (the brushes will only work in Procreate) An iPad Pro + stylus